re-installing things when your notes are lost

Oh, I had plenty of notes -- they were all stored in a local PmWiki instance, running on IIS!

Aaaaaand my hard-drive failed while I was on leave.

IT was able to recover some files, but I need to get an installation up-and-running so I can read them, can't I?

installing PHP on IIS

The first time I did it, The Web Platform Installer worked like a charm.
This time, it failed - document temporarily moved?

So I followed and it worked to get PHP running, anyway.

Now I'll have to see about PmWiki,

AND getting in-house backups of my files. 2 years of dev notes. UGH.

Other install shenanigans


To do server-start however, the ~\.emacs.d\server folder needed to be twiddled.

THIS solved my problem - reset the ownership from Administrators to mine own self.

Also, location of folder is at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\.emacs.d


Was throwing the following error: Unable to open 64-bit image. Run Process from a writeable directory.

It's not the file itself, it's the auto-extracted 64-bit image opening in the Temp folder - C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp
(I found this via SET TEMP on the command line - without params, it provides the current setting.)

I copied the file procexp64.exe to the main ProcessExplorer folder, and it worked like a charm when openend directly.
There's quite possibly a better solution somewhere.