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Process Explorer

For whatever reason, my work copy of Process Explorer stopped working today (or probably yesterday, after a just-before-leaving-the-office reboot) with the following error:

Unable to open 64-bit image. Run Process from a writeable directory.

Turns out the default .exe is a 32-bit app that contains the 64-bit-app within it (source), which is then extracted to a TEMP directory.
If the TEMP directory cannot execute, app won't run.
Online searches indicate that Group Policy changes sometimes have this effect.

Now, the processexp64.exe was present in the TEMP folder, so I copied it to the main app folder -- and it worked just fine.

The solution I found for the same problem was:

  1. Click on Start, Run, and enter CMD to open a DOS command window.
  2. Type "SET" and hit enter to display your TEMP directory variable
    • It will be something like: TEMP=C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp
  3. Then look in that directory for a file it's created but can't run called PROCEXP64.EXE
  4. Copy it to just about anywhere else on your PC and try running it.