Using the (:title:) in dropdowns

This was a glaring omission!

However, the below code fragment in BBuildGroupList should rectify the problem:

$cleanPage = preg_replace('/[()]/', '', $page);
$title = FmtPageName('$Title', $cleanPage);

$out .= '<li>';
$out .= MakeLink($page, $page, $title);
$out .= '</li>';

I would think I shouldn't have to take so many steps.
There's a good likelihood I'm missing something.
Or, it could be that the $page variable has a funky format due to something else in the dropdown code.

I don't have good screenshots of this in action, since here all the blog-posts are dumped into the same dropdown.
On another (non-public) website I have them sub-divided into months, but the non-ISO format of the page-names means that BlogCal ignores them (that's another item on my long-term TODO list).

With this update, I could revert the page-name formatting back to an ISO date-standard.
It would obviate the fix for now -- but I would like something like BlogCal to use any arbitrary page - and use some other sort of marker for inclusion.

So I'll think about it....

DONE: commit the update to git
DONE: update it here, as well