Initial implementation of TagCloud

GitHub repo @

(:listcategories sized .*:)

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(:listcategories simple .* :)

In case things change, as of now, the output above looked like this initially:

Then this, after using the SDV configs, above:

integration into sidebar

(:div class="list-cat nav nav-list":)
(:listcategories sized .* :)

uses the following css that was added to bootstrap-fluid\css\pmwiki.css

UPDATE: nope, not sure what this is for. The code doesn't label-anything. So, what this does, I don't remember.

What could I have been doing? Some other experiment?

div.list-cat .label {
        margin-right: 4px;
        margin-bottom: 2px;
        padding-bottom: 0px;
        float: left;

config.php integration

SDV($ListCategories_SizedlistNum, 100); // average number of item in the SizedList format
SDV($ListCategories_SortSizedList, true); // sort tags in the tag cloud alphabetically?
SDV($ListCategories_SortSimpleList, true); // sort tags in the simple list alphabetically?

Markdown conflict

NOTE: I had to disable Markdown links in order for this to work. :::sigh:::

TODO: figure out the Markdown bug.