Don't keep all your eggs in one huuuuuuuge basket

Putting all the blog pages into one group makes for a giant list.
I suppose pagelists could do some auto-sorting.
I prefer to keep them separate.
Year and month is a good-enough way of doing it.

To that end, change the ptv_entryurl setting

## create a default page name for my entries, based on today's date.
## create default title
## set default new entry status (installed default is 'draft')
function processBlogsPrePagename($src, $auth){
        global $_POST,$action;
        $today = date("Y-m-d");
        if ($action=='bi_ne') {
                # $_POST['ptv_entryurl']='Blog.'.$today;
               $_POST['ptv_entryurl'] = date('Y-F.l-d');
                $_POST['ptv_entrytitle'] = date("Y.m.d");

TODO: I don't remember where this was documented

Problem: listing them all.

The below wildcards allow for the above format to appear in all blogit lists.

$bi_BlogGroups = 'Blog|20\d\d-.*';

This is both too permissive and too restrictive -- it only allows dates from 2000..2099, and will accept anything after the hyphen.
For my purposes, this is a good-enough approximation. YMMV.


Still doesn't want to show up for the Cookbook:BlogCalendar recipe, since that expects pages to be named in a ISO date-format (eg 2015-07-08, as seen here). Prefixes are allowed, but still expects the format as part of the page name. BlogIt uses other criteria (internal pagetextvars, I believe) to note which pages are blog pages. BlogCal would need some sort of extension to work this way.


This tends to limit you to a single blog-entry per day, AFAIK.

See Also

Blog.2015-05-29 - where I first started talking about changing page names.

NOTE: not yet implemented in this wiki

BlogIt Wish List

I swear I had this somewhere, once.... I have a list @ Cookbook:BlogIt-Talk

  • integrated BlogCalendar
  • working for php 5.5
  • uploads when creating pages
  • preview while editing
  • work nicely with SourceBlock
  • access-keys