Default dates &c

So, I have been gradually getting annoyed with putting all the blog entries into one giant group called Blog.

For lack of a better solution.

I finally came up with something (not implemented here yet):

$_POST['ptv_entryurl'] = date('Y-F.l-d');

which gives us something like

This means that every month will have its own group.

Now: to figure out how this affects other features (if at all),

Although it most certainly affects the dropdown-menu I want to construct.
Which needed revising, anyway.

PostgreSQL sequencer

I was stuck doing work-work last night, and haven't revisited it. I think it will come together quickly, now that I can work locally.

I need to corral the promises into the correct sequence.
Make it automatically initialize the db-connection and initialize the db with the first entry.
Make the db-name unique (parameter to sequencer).
Provide config settings to sequencer when instantiating (instead of insisting they be in an external file).
Expose next() first() last() count() and currentIndex() methods
It's a sequencer, so should not expose arbitrary jumps.
I don't think we need to re-expose the sequenced, since that was provided externally, anyway.