Proposed fix for ?n= in links
See Cookbook:BlogCalendar-Talk

TODO: apply to this wiki

It seems that no matter the actual URL schema of the wiki, the blogcal links end up being of the format ?n=foo, where foo is the name of the page.

The $PageUrl format takes into account $EnablePathInfo (line 102), but the individual entry links (lines 204 and 212) do not.

The following code (lines 200..218 as revised) should allow the proper format; $ScriptUrl?n= has been replaced with $url, which has a similar definition as $PageUrl:

$url = ($EnablePathInfo)
        ? $ScriptUrl.'/'
        : $ScriptUrl.'?n=';

// If there's more than one, prepend different format, and have different output...
if ($count > 1 ) {
        $tooltip = "$count " . $BlogCal['multimessage'] . "\n"  . substr($tooltip, 0, -1) ; //strip the last newline
        $searchresults = MakePageName($pagename, $BlogCal['multiresultpage']);
        // ?q=name%3DBlog%2F20140102*+fmt%3D%23titlespaced
        $out .= "<td class='$class'><a class='bcal-link' href='url$searchresults&q=name%3D" . PUE($pname)  ."*+fmt%3D%23" . PUE($BlogCal['multimessagefmt']) . "' title='". htmlentities($tooltip, ENT_QUOTES) ."'>$daynum</a></td>";
} else {
        if (isset($args['tooltip'])) {
                if ($args['tooltip']=='description' || $args['tooltip']=='Description')
                        $tooltip = PageVar($pages[0],'$Description');
                else $tooltip = PageTextVar($pages[0],$args['tooltip']);
        else $tooltip = PageVar($pages[0],'$Titlespaced');
        $out .= "<td class='$class'><a class='bcal-link' href='$url" . $pages[0] . "' title='" . htmlentities($tooltip, ENT_QUOTES) ."'>$daynum</a></td>";

I have tested this with $EnablePathInfo = 1;, but not in other variations.

Page Header

For the blog at least, the format of the page-header could take up less space.
The default CSS markup from bootstrap is:


.page-header {
    padding-bottom: 9px;
    margin: 20px 0px 30px;
    border-bottom: 1px solid #EEE;

eliminating the borders and margins frees up space on the page, but maintains legibility.

.page-header {
    /* padding-bottom: 9px; */
    /* margin: 20px 0px 30px; */
    border-bottom: 1px solid #EEE;

However, am I just trying to cram too much into the page?
Do we need all that whitespace as room to breathe?

BlogIt entry changesummary

Not enabled by default.
No recipes to enable it.
fiddled but do not have it working.
Will have to add and modify #blog-form to BlogIt-SkinTemplate-bootstrap-fluid
Have a look at these emails: 1 2