Cookbook recipes to look at

Cookbook:AjaxEditSupport - 2011
Cookbook:DragDropMultiUpload - 2012
Cookbook:ServePageByJSON - 2013
Cookbook:XajaxSearch - 2005
Cookbook:ServePageByJSON - 2013
Cookbook:Flipbox - 2011 (Also for TODO research)

Other things to look at

Cookbook:WikiFarmStepByStep - I haven't investigated farms yet. Sheesh!
Cookbook:SiteInformation - might lead to an online control panel?

Titles of Blog entries

Since I now have a calendar, do I want/need the date-based title?
There is still the absolute date and pagename assigned....

PageTOC issue

PageTOC displays two levels of nesting.
Since BlogIt uses !!!!! for blog-entry-tags, if the rest of the page only has one level of nesting, the tags will be included in the TOC.

HOWEVER, PageTOC suggests the following markup (which has been added to config.php):


Then, this was applied to BlogIt-SkinTemplate-bootstrap-fluid#single-entry-view (see second line, prior to !!!!!) :

(:div9999 class="blogit-meta-data-footer":)
(:blogit-skin tags pre_text='`.!!!!!%block blogit-tags%$[Tags:] ' post_text='%%':){*$:entrytags}(:blogit-skinend:)
(:blogit-skin commentcount status='{*$:entrycomments}' pre_text='!!!!!%block blogit-comment-count%' post_text='%%' group='{*$Group}' name='{*$Name}':) $[comment(s)](:blogit-skinend:)

DONE: actually apply the above to the website (on 2014.07.10). Updated notes with screenshot at issue demo page.

TODO: add this to xray kit
TODO: document this on Cookbook:BlogIt-Talk (and mailing list)