Bootstrap Dropdown configuration

  • DONE: Implement the dropdown menu
    • located at Site.BootstrapSiteHeader
    • TODO: maybe some sort of default should be in the core of the skin?
  • Implement that recipe for pagelist-multi-target, or whatever it was called.

Location plans

Since this wiki will eventually replace, and is currently accessed via index.php, move it down to the root via .htaccess, but don't' lose the index.php yet.

Group display

There's a recipe to display GroupName/GroupName pages as just GroupName - find that and test it. I like it.


If included in the core, fix the GetCode issue


This might be a nice addition.
When I'm writing in markdown, I'm in that headspace.
Can't use custom markups, but people could find it useful if working with code....

Tags / Categories (and TODOs)

Adding a pagelist to a Tags? page over-rides the default.
But tags and categories are not shared by default.
I did something at the work wiki, but it is awkward.

would like to have something like the following added to a page:

(:pagelist "TODO:" group=-Tags:)



The default Blog page ships with NOTHING
The following is suggested:

(:includesection "#blog-summary-pagelist blogid=blog1 status=publish":)



BlogIt display

I'd like to differentiate the blog-posts on the Blog page a bit better.
Have a look at #blog-summary-pagelist or css for #wikitext .blogit-post-summary h2 a.wikilink
Probably for the h2 that is a direct child of blogit-post-summary

Created page Site.BlogIt-SkinTemplate-bootstrap-fluid
Added class well to multi-entry-view format (for pagelists)

If this skin is shipped as Core, then that custom page should be included.

TODO: get other customizations from work wiki

NOTE: for work wiki, I only added a few customized sections. Here, I copied the entire page.

Look into Blogit js code

How the Ajax functions, for example.
Is this a good model for an Ajax-powered upload form?
Has anybody else done this for PmWiki yet?