Folder permissions

Your web server needs write permissions for wiki.d/ and pub/htmlcache/. However, on your local machine you might want to edit or delete those files too. Assuming linuxuser as your desktop username and nogroup for the web server's user group:

    cd pmwiki-kit-bootstrap-compass
    sudo chown -R linuxuser:nogroup wiki.d/ pub/htmlcache/
    sudo chmod -R g+w wiki.d/ pub/htmlcache/

Users and passwords

Change the default password:

Open SiteAdmin.AuthUser, login with admin : admin. Edit the page and set your user and password. You can call your "admin user" something else than "admin", but add him to the @admins group. When you save the page, the (:encrypt:) directive will replace the password with an encrypted form.

    username: (:encrypt userpassword:)
    username: @admins

Setup any other users you want using the same syntax. The @editors group is already configured for edit permissions. Check out the PmWiki.AuthUser docs too.

.htaccess settings

  • Replace linuxuser with the username on the host.
  • Replace with your domain.
  • Replace PMWIKIKIT with the session name you set in local/config.php.

There might be other changes necessary for your environment, check the rest of .htaccess.


In local/config.php, change $ScriptUrl and $PubDirUrl:

    $ScriptUrl = '';
    $PubDirUrl = '';

Check the addon documentation, configuration, and options


Add to sidebar
configure in config.php

Good to go

After this it's OK to deploy the site and start working on the content, but sometime you should read: