More news for goats

So, the NewsForGoats bot went live late Wednesday.

It's still pretty crude, but working.

Yesterday, I added some words other than "goat" for replacement.

Capitalization has been added (if the original word being replaced was capitalized), and extends to multi-word replacements.

I added a "first approximation" of a creative mis-speller.
It's pretty crude, looping through the words in a phrase and has a 10% chance of swapping two of the letters around.
It can also hit punctuation, because I'm splitting on spaces, and no using a regex with word-boundaries.

Some references for creative misspelling
spammer misspelling
Darius Kazemi's 2013 NaNoGenMo entry had a mis-spelling "text obfuscator". Near as I can tell, this is the repo but it doesn't include the obfuscator/mis-speller.

So, I'm reinventing the wheel, with probably too much effort.

Other bots and references

My other bot projects are listed at Xrad:WordSalad/TwitterBotProject, with bot-notes at Xrad:Programming/Bots.