Duplicated AccessKeys don't work

Assigning an accesskey allows the user to select a button on a page without using the mouse.
But if the same access key is assigned more than once, it doesn't work "automatically".
In IE and Firefox (at least), hitting the accesskey when multipy-assigned selects the first assigned item, then iterates through the list on subsequent selections.

This is good, but if you are not expecting multiple selections (or, say, some wiki-groups have single-assignment and some multiple) this can be confusing.

BlogIt as two types of entry editing - "normal" and "Ajax". They each have the accesskey of e assigned.
So you can't edit a BlogIt entry by hitting e just once. In a "normal" PmWiki page (as she ships), e will open the page for editing (assuming permissions).

As far as I know, there is no way to handle this inside of PmWiki.

However, we could programmatically remove duplicate accesskeys.

var es = $('[accesskey="e"]')

// Object { 0: <a.blogit-admin-link>, 1: <a.blogit-admin-link>, length: 2, prevObject: Object, context: HTMLDocument → 2014-09-10, selector: "[accesskey="e"]" }

var aks = $('[accesskey]'); // this gets all with acesskey
  1. sort by actual accesskey
  2. if more than one of each
  3. remove attribute on all but one
NOTE: if the action is different, it may not work

For example, BlogIt has "normal" edit, AND AJAX-edit.
We want the latter.
Assume we delete the second ones?
Or have a fine-grained selector/code?

Print action does not work

The print action is not working -- it's either a WikiKit or Bootstrap issue.