Dropdown lists too many entries

The following markup can reduce it, based on the time-stamp naming-convention used in this blog:

* (:bdropdown title=Blog group=Blog name=Blog,TODOs,{(ftime fmt="%Y-%m")}*,-RecentChanges,-GroupAttributes :)  %list class=nav%

HOWEVER, the page for Blog and TODOs renders at the end of the list, instead of the top.
Sorted numerically first.

I would like to force some placement, or put alphas before numbers, in this case.

How to easily overcome?

Centering Bootstrap content without leftbar

This is partial markup.
There is more inside of bootstrap-fluid.tmpl

global $BootBodyClass;


# if (:boostrap-center-main:) markup is present, mainbody will be no class
# and BootBodyClass will be container, instead of row-fluid
# otherwise, span9/12 is required for content to appear to the right of the left-bar.
if (! isset($BootBodyClass)) {
   $BootBodyClass = "row-fluid";

Markup('bootstrap-center-main', 'directives',

function BootstrapCenterMain() {

        global $BodySpan, $BootBodyClass;
        $BodySpan = "";
        $BootBodyClass = "container";

        SetTmplDisplay('PageLeftFmt', 0);


Affected portion of bootstrap-fluid.tmpl, @@class="row-fluid" has been changed to variable to match above, plus ID added:

<div id="bootbody" class="$BootBodyClass">

DONE: see Main.HomePage for example. Also see notes from yesterday.