Plugin idea/modification

Currently, in my addon-for toggle -- ToggleEdit -- I have a button which generates a div like the following:

(:div1408630879809 id="tog1408630879809" style="border:1px solid #999; padding:5px;":)

Things to enhance:

  • The style should be configurable for the plugin
  • Getting an unique auto-div would be nice
    • Extract this from pmwiki-toggle-edit
    • that takes an optional prefix for the id
    • also optional classes

DONE: see for an update
TODO: package up, and deploy to pmwiki with docs
TODO: implement here

new styles and classes sample

$toggleEditStyle = '';
$toggleEditClass = 'well';

Provide via gui-buttons

Then, we need to provide div as an option in the editor.
Making a new button and configuring it is painful.
A dropdown-menu of special markup would be ideal.
See Screwturn wiki for some ideas...

This requires a rewrite of guiedit.php

Preferably, one that functions as it does now, unless some additional params are supplied.
So that we could render with css-sprite-icons (in-progress in Bootstrap), or arbitrary HTML elements. Like a drop-down element.

Hey. There are some recipes that do have funky elements as part of gui-edit...
I was specifically think of AjaxEditSupport, but that provides its new elements in a new line.

BlogIt images on the main blog page

Since BlogIt (and the xray-kit) have page-level uploads enabled by default, images are uploaded on the page level.
But they are referenced relatively by default - at least that's how I do it, so they don't show up on the blog-aggreation page

Instead, if you use the following markup:


It should appear in both places.

It will look something like this, though, upon further editing:


TODO: find some way to automate this/make it easier.