Odd behavior on main page

For whatever reason, the Blog page is chomping up a bunch of entries, displaying the start of one, then the end of one from weeks ago.

It's the Cookbook:SourceBlock extension -- when using the (:sourceend:) markup.

When the trouble-spots were changed to use the [@...@] preformatted markup all was well.


UPDATE 2015.03.11: I could be that the problem lay with mixed (:sourceend:) and [@...@] markups on the Blog page. Those two markups don't play well with each other when in the same page. A page-aggregator combining two otherwise-singular uses would run into that problem.

Temporary expansion of topic-scope

I'd like to extend pmwiki-based BlogIt blogging over to my "main" wiki...

The best method of accomplishing this is probably via a wiki-farm, which I haven't done yet.

In the meantime, I'm expanding the scope of some of these entries.

ASP.NET wikis

I'm continuing to look into wiki running in ASP.NET (see yesterday's notes)

http://wikiaspnet.com/#Focused - another wiki in asp.net


http://csharp-source.net/open-source/wiki-engines - there are more than I knew of.