A coding idea based on Intermap

I have this simple markup to note TODO: and DONE: markup.

I do it via the following:

Markup("todo", "inline", '/TODO:/', "%label label-important%TODO:%%"); # red
Markup("done", "inline", '/DONE:/', "%label label-success%DONE:%%"); # green
Markup("update", "inline", '/UPDATE:/', "%label label-info%UPDATE:%%"); # blue

But that's painful.
What if that sort of information could be defined like Site.InterMap entries are?

TAG: %markup%TAG:%%

Here's some relevant code from pmwiki.php for parsing the intermap files:

$InterMapFiles = array("$FarmD/scripts/intermap.txt",
  "$FarmD/local/farmmap.txt", '$SiteGroup.InterMap', 'local/localmap.txt');
foreach((array)$InterMapFiles as $f) {
  $f = FmtPageName($f, $pagename);
  if (($v = @file($f)))
    $v = preg_replace('/^\\s*(?>\\w[-\\w]*)(?!:)/m', '$0:', implode('', $v));
  else if (PageExists($f)) {
    $p = ReadPage($f, READPAGE_CURRENT);
    $v = $p['text'];
  } else continue;
  if (!preg_match_all("/^\\s*(\\w[-\\w]*:)[^\\S\n]+(\\S*)/m", $v,
                      $match, PREG_SET_ORDER)) continue;
  foreach($match as $m) {
    if (strpos($m[2], '$1') === false) $m[2] .= '$1';
    $LinkFunctions[$m[1]] = 'LinkIMap';
    $IMap[$m[1]] = FmtPageName($m[2], $pagename);