Engineer's Log

Instead of just using this wiki as the Engineer's journal for PmWiki development, I think I'll use it for all of my coding development.
Which I'm not doing anywhere.

OTOH, since that would lead to a wikiblog, perhaps that should be over in my "main" wiki?

All of which leads to the issue of Federation.

I had been thinking in terms of federated search (cross-searching multiple wikis, wordpress, static content).
But maybe I need to extend it to federation of content. And/or tags.

UGH. Too many places for things.

PowerShell script

I've put up a gist at
It's dead-simple, perhaps stupid, but I haven't been using PowerShell as much as I should be, so I'm going to keep track of my scripts, maybe.

TODO: fix my gists-extension so the new-style alpha-numeric URL is considered valid.