Cleaned up template

The BlogIt skin-specific-template (is there any non-skin-specific-but-not-original template?) is not supposed to be everything in the original file -- so that non-customized templates can be updated when the core is updated (Which hasn't happened since 2011, anyway).

I had copied over everything in one over-zealous not-reading-the-big-warning-at-the-top moment.

Today I cleared it up: BlogIt-SkinTemplate-bootstrap-fluid - updating only those templates needed, and making a new warning at the top.

Updates include putting entries into a class=well on the Blog page, adding (:*toc-float:) to each single-entry-view, and playing with the Tag-pagelist.

TODO: This file should be in the core.

Problems with PageTableOfComments and Tags

I want to avoid tags in the PageTOC
They.... are?
Except when they aren't.
And then, sometimes, the entire display goes BANANAS

SOLUTION: always have at least two levels of headings...

Such as this one....

BUT... what if you DON'T have two levels of headings? See 2014-07-08.

BlogIt tags issue

KNOWN ISSUE per Cookbook:BlogIt

function bi_SaveTags($body, $user_tags, $mode='save') {


        # generate a new separated string.
        # if the tag has a space in it, it retains the space, here
        # however, Pmwiki will elide it for display
        # annoyingly, the name was created with a hypen in it.
        if ($mode=='display') {
           $tgs = ($allTags ?'[['.$CategoryGroup.'.'.implode('|+]]'.$bi_TagSeparator.'[['.$CategoryGroup.'.', $allTags).'|+]]' :'');
        } else {
                $tgs = ($allTags ?'[[!'.implode(']]'.$bi_TagSeparator.'[[!', $allTags).']]' :'');

        echo("tags: $tgs");

        return $tgs;

Tags: Word 2013

Tag page is Word-2013

output from above func is [[Tags.Word 2013|+]]

But PmWiki displays as Word2013 - a link to a non-existent tag page.

Could this be related to the use of this URLify markup in config.php ???

## Extend character substitutions to convert Hungarian and other accents to
## latin with Urlify

SDVA($bi_MakePageNamePatterns, array(
        "/'/" => '',  #strip single-quotes
   "/^(.+)$/e" => "URLify::downcode('$1')",
        "/[^". $PageNameChars. "]+/" => $bi_TitleSeparator,  #convert everything else to hyphen
        "/(^\\" .$bi_TitleSeparator ."+)|(\\" .$bi_TitleSeparator ."+\$)/" => '',  #trim hyphens front and back
        "/\\" .$bi_TitleSeparator ."{2,}/" => $bi_TitleSeparator,  #trim duplicate hyphens
        ($Charset=='UTF-8' ?"/^([\\xc0-\\xdf].)/e" :'//') => ($Charset=='UTF-8' ?"utf8toupper('$1')" :''),  #uppercase first letter
        "/^([a-z])/e" => "strtoupper('$1')"

ANSWER: No. I commented out those lines, and the tag-page was created with a hyphen, while the tag is displayed unspaced.

Curiously, a spaced-tag created elsewhere will be displayed with space, but the created page will have no space:

<a class="categorylink" rel="tag" href="">Word 2020</a>