This is the start of the blog.

Will be used as an "Engineer's Journal/log/notebook" as I work on live implementation, and development of pmwiki-kit-xray and pmwiki-bootstrap-skin.

Eventually, I hope to power the "entire" domain - such as it is. Which is really only a static front-page, this wiki, and various experiments that I recently deleted.

A goal for the skin is to have the front page appear as it does now, while the rest of the wiki can look different. We shall see how that works out.

The idea of an Engineer's Journal is simply a notebook where one writes down (nearly) everything done -- so that steps, no matter how convoluted, can be replicated.

See additional notes.


  • DONE: configure blog - this needs to be done in config.php and SiteAdmin.AuthUser
    • DONE: added to side bar - parts of the below (no blogcal, no check for blog group)
      • (:div class="alert alert-info" style="width:40%; margin: 0 auto;":)
        (:if [ equal {$bi_BlogIt_Enabled} 1 && group Blog ] :)(:include Site.BlogIt-SideBar:)(:ifend:)
    • document setup-steps (for kit docs)
    • admin groups in SiteAdmin.AuthUser or in config
  • DONE: start using blog as journal
  • add in skin (with edit buttons and dropdowns)
    • DONE: -- adding in skin
    • DONE: configure dropdown menus
  • find differences between skin branches. MERGE ???
  • find back emails about using git to update wiki, excluding password config (that's what profiles.php in the kit is for?)

added addons to core:

  1. Skin: pmwiki-bootstrap-skin
  2. blogcal
  3. toggle
  4. PageTableOfContents
  5. SourceBlock - this is nearly 6 MBs. too much?
    1. docs is 2.45 MB
    2. src/geshi is 3.5 - the whole shebang included
  6. NewPageBoxPlus
  7. Auto-new-lines (one line in config.php)
  8. site.config.php (site-specific info moved out of config)
  9. Enable Gui Buttons